This award is given to the PCEE Division author(s) whose paper, submitted to the division for the annual conference, was recognized as the “Best Paper” with regard to its quality and contribution to pre-college engineering education.

Award Winners

2015: “Elementary Teachers’ Reported Responses to Student Design Failures,” by Pamela Lottero- Perdue and Elizabeth Parry

2014: Perspectives on Failure in the Classroom by Elementary Teachers New to Teaching Engineering,” by Pamela Lottero- Perdue and Elizabeth Parry, (This paper was also won PIC IV and Overall Conference Best Paper)

2013: “Elementary Teachers’ Two-Year Implementation,” By Kerry Douglass; So Yoon Yoon; Daphne Duncan-Wiles; Heidi Diefes-Dux

2012: “K-12 Engineering for Service: Do Project-Based Service-learning Design Experiences Impact Attitudes in High School Engineering Students?,” By Malinda S. Zarske, Janet L. Yowell, Jacquelyn F. Sullivan, Angela R. Bielefeldt, Daniel W. Knight, and Travis O’Hair

2011:  “Classroom Teacher – Enrichment Teacher Pairs: Co-teaching as a means to implement elementary engineering education,” by Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue

2010: Studio STEM: Networked Engineering Projects in Energy For Middle School Girls and Boys,” by Christine Schnittka, University of Kentucky, Michael Evans, Brett Jones, and Carol Brandt

Procedures for Best Paper Award

Division conference paper reviewers nominate papers for this award, and then the Best Paper Committee of three, appointed by the Program Chair, reviews the nominations to ensure they represent the division’s standards for quality and contribution. A nominated paper that meets these criteria to the fullest extent is selected as the Best Paper. This paper will be recommended as the Division’s Best Paper to compete for Best Paper within our Professional Interest Council.