The Grade of Fellow is one of unusual professional distinction and conferred by the Board of Directors upon an ASEE member with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications, and experience in engineering or engineering technology education or allied field, and ASEE contributions.

Learn more about ASEE Academy of Fellows here.

The PCEE division annually nominates deserving members for this distinction. The following people are ASEE Fellows from the PCEE Division:

Dr. Laura Bottomley
Dr. Theodore J. Branoff
Dr. Jenna P. Carpenter
Dr. Christine M Cunningham
Dr. Martha Cyr
Dr. Wallace T. Fowler P.E.
Dr. Lawrence J. Genalo
Prof. Robert J. Herrick
Dr. Jed S. Lyons
Dr. Raymond E. Morrison Jr.
Dr. William “Bill” C. Oakes
Dr. Angelo J. Perna
Liz Parry
Dr. Sarah A Rajala
Dr. Teri Reed
Dr. Karl N. Reid
Dr. Larry G. Richards
Dr. Karl A Smith
Dr. Jacquelyn F. Sullivan
Dr. Bevlee A. Watford P.E.

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