The Lifetime Achievement award is given to a PCEE Division member who has provided a high standard of service in alignment with the PCEE Division Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs and in support of pre-college engineering education efforts within ASEE, and who has made significant and sustained contributions (10 years or more) to the field of pre-college engineering education.

Award Winners

  • Kenneth Hunter (2016)
  • Dr. Christine Cunningham (2015)
  • Dr. Jackie Sullivan (2005)

Procedures for Meritorious Service & Lifetime Achievement Division Awards

The Division Chair will solicit nominations for Meritorious Service and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Executive Board. Self-nominations are allowed. Nominations must be submitted directly to the Division Awards Chair by April 30 each year. Nominations will include the name of the nominee and a paragraph (200-word, maximum) making the case for why the candidate is appropriate for the award. The Division Awards Subcommittee will review nominations and select awardees.