Distinguished Service Award

Robert Vieth (2005)

Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Christine Cunningham (2005)

Outgoing Chair Award

Rob Reilly (2005)

ASEE President’s Award

This award recognizes those organizations that make the best use of print, broadcast, or electronic media to (a) encourage K-12 students to enter engineering schools and pursue engineering careers and/or (b) influence public opinion and create recognition of the critical role that engineering plays in today’s technology driven society. Learn more here.

Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis (2014)

Best Practices Panel in K12/University Partnership



  • 2012| Engineering an Elementary School: Rachel Freeman School of Engineering
    K-12 Partner:  Lizette Day, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering, Wilmington, NC
    University Partner: Elizabeth Parry, North Carolina State University
  • 2011 | Bechtel K-5 Educational Excellence Initiative
    K-12 Partner: Kathy Zook, Hodgkins Elementary School, Denver, CO
    University Partner: Megan Yoder & Barbara Moskal, Colorado School of Mines
  • 2010 | Partnership to Improve Student Achievement (PISA)
    K-12 Partner: Marlene Aviles, Dr. Ercel Webb School # 22, Jersey City School District Teacher’s School
    University Partner: Augusto Macalalag, Stevens Institute of Technology


  • 2014 | Establishment of STEM Education in Nash Rocky Mount Public Schools By: Cynthia Carpenter, Rocky Mount Middle School, Rocky Mount, NC Susan D’Amico, The Engineering Place, North Carolina State University Laura Bottomley, The Engineering Place, North Carolina State University
  • 2012 | Promoting 21st Century Skills Through Science and Engineering Education
    K-12 Partner:  Albert Padilla, Dr. Michael Conti School #5, Belleville, NJ
    University Partner: Augusto Macalalag, Stevens Institute of Technology 
  • 2011 | Bedroom Design: A Hybrid Modeling Project for Engineering and Technology Education
    K-12 Partner: Chris Malanga, Riverhead Middle School, Riverhead, NY
    University Partner: Michael Hacker, Hofstra University
  • 2010 | GK-12 Learning Partnerships
    K-12 Partner: Jennifer Case and John Brockway, East Middle School, Aurora, CO
    University Partner: Christie O’Hara, Michael Asheim, Barbara Moskal, Colorado School of Mines
    Regional Laboratory Partner: Linda Lung, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


  • 2014 | EPICS High and Xavier College Prep Service- Learning Partnership  By: Janet Mambrino, Xavuier College Prep, Phoenix, Arizona Mindy Hart, Purdue University, EPICS
  • 2014 | ENGR 102 HS – An Introduction to Engineering, University Level Course for High School Students By: J. Jill Rogers, Program Coordinator ENGR 102 HS, University of Arizona James C. Baygents, Associate Dean Academic Affairs, University of Arizona Jeffery B. Goldberg, Dean
  • 2012 | The Skyline TEAMS Program: An Engineering-Focused High School Feeder System Designed to Broaden Participation in Post-Secondary STEM Studies
    K-12 Partner:  Patricia A. Quiñones, Skyline High School, Longmont, CO
    University Partner: Malinda S. Zarske, University of Colorado Boulder
  • 2011 | DREAM – Achievement through Mentorship
    K-12 Partner: Tim Johnson, Stephen F. Austin High School, Houston, TX
    University Partner: Brent Houchens, Rice University
  • 2010 | Engineering Your Future
    K-12 Partner: Brian Lien, Princeton High School, Cincinnati, OH
    University Partner: Eugene Rutz, University of Cincinnati